Al Ula Gala Dinner

Design, screenplay, curating and et artistic direction of the private event initiated by the French and Saudi foreign affairs ministries about the presentation of the missions of collaboration between both countries. The event was comprised of : an exhibition, a gala dinner, a video mapping on the whole of the inside vault, as well as a live show. 2018

Producer : Havas Events
Creative director : Frederic Bault
Project manager : Celine Aurion
Show and artistic director : Olivier Ferracci
Curator : Nora Matthey de l’Endroit
Scientific content: Saba Fares and François Villeneuve
Storytelling : Oliver Ferracci et Nora Matthey de l’Endroit
Scenographer : Jean Luc Deslots
Light : Alexandre Lebrun / Lightlab
Video content : SuperBien
Arts de la table : Eric Chauvin

cians : Ihab Radwan (oud), Olivier Pianko (piano), Xavier Desandre Navarre (percussion), Mohamed Nadjen (ney), Khalil Chekir (qanun), Joan Eche Puig (contrabass)