Eastern Sunrise (Rizhao)

Show design, screenplay, artistic direction, show director, characters definition, video contents.

Monumental multimedia show in Shandong Province, China, 2016

Storyline, show design and show direction, artistic direction : Olivier Ferracci
Producer : ECA2, Jean Christophe Canizares
Scenography : Julie Moreau, François Torel
Music :Pierre Caillot, Fabien Langard, Pascal Lengagne, Philippe Villar
Video : Ki Studios
Fountains : Crystal Group
Water design : James Thomson
Laser design : Claude Lifante
Light design: Frederic Fayard
Pyro design : Pierre Emmanuel Gellis
Choreography : Malika Zaid

Technical production Director : Gael Piquet
Artistic production director: Stephane Thiodat
Artistic coordinator : Flo Shi
Photography of the show : Julien Panie for ECA2