An immersive multimedia interactive experience : dive on the Great Barrier Reef at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco for a magical meeting with its underwater life.


Scripted by an international team of designers in close collaboration with the Oceanographic Museum and its partners, as well as divers and biologists, the experience is intended to be spectacular, entertaining and engaging.


A unique experience :

IMMERSION reproduces key events in the coral reef’s life, based on a cycle of day and night, over a total period of 30 minutes. During the daytime phase, the experience focuses on the diving sensation’s realism, magnified by striking scenery teeming with life. The more graphic nocturnal phase, shows scenes occurring only after nightfall: the spawning and bioluminescence of some corals. Every four minutes, a spectacular event punctuates the interactive phase and brings an element of surprise and excitement to the diving experience.

Through the emotion it provokes, this immersive installation raises the visitor’s awareness and interest in the future and the preservation of the marine world.


State of the art technologies

This “living simulator” is designed around a mixture of computer-generated images, real-time 3D objects and matte painting : the procedural content is produced live according to the visitor’s actions or situations. This technique, based on the principle of video game engines, generates animated and textured 3D objects. Like a diver during his exploration, the technology allows the audience to discover and interact with a marine environment, the different species move naturally and react according to the audience behaviours and movements.


Key figures:

250 m² of interactivity

650 m² of projection

60 species

2000 real-time rendered fishes

Projection walls 9m high

34 video projectors, 19 synchronised computers, 8 tracking cameras powered by one ownership software: AAASeed.

8H/day, 363D/year with a daily average footfall of 2000 pax/day for the whole museum


Original Idea: Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Conception, scenography and scenario : Dreamed By Us > Olivier Ferracci & Nora Matthey de l’Endroit

Project Director: Dreamed By Us > Roberto Vittorelli

Producer: Saphir Event, Yaniss B


Programing Director: Mâa Berriet

Developper : Franz Hildgen (senior), Romain Cheminade (senior), Julien Vulliet (senior), Galaad Berriet

Animations and Matte painting : Kistudios

Sound Design: Pierre Caillot

Technical supervision : MD Lite, Daniel Schutze

Structure Design: Jaime Jimenez

Technical Director: Djemal Boulanouar

Technical consulting: Charles Pavie, Kick Off Event

An installation powered by  AAASEED © Mâa Berriet