Dreamed by us LTD :

Dreamed By Us : the name says it all...But here are couple of details more : founded in 2018 by Olivier Ferracci & Nora Matthey de l'Endroit, Dreamed By Us is the fusion of two intense and complementary life's courses resulting in meaningful concepts and contents, strong storylines and deep creative artistic approaches. Their sphere of action ranges from the permanent outdoor multimedia show, to the international events open ceremonies, as well as museographies and scenographies (including the creation of animated feature films and original characters). Their goal is to bring unforgettable memories that will leave a long lasting print in the mind and heart of the audience

A team to accompany you :

Olivier Ferracci

Creative & artistic director

His role is to imagine and enhance creative ideas to their limit, ensuring that they are strong, meaningful, creative and cost efficient. He works on the direction as well as the design of the show, including script writing, stage design supervision and video content direction. His main asset is to be able to have a clear vision over all aspects as well as taking care about details while never losing sight of human, technical and budget realities. His will and imagination are what drive him to think outside the box in order to optimize any artistic project to its fullest potential. He has a vast experience in the Middle East since 2003 and in Saudi Arabia since 2013 on large scale and royal events.

Nora Matthey de l'Endroit

Content director, storyteller & curator

Theatre and History being her areas of interest, she has a sphere of action at her disposal that spreads into the domains of event, show, exposition and museography. Capable of producing a content with a scientific added value, or to create storylines, artistic concepts, or even to direct some staging and actors. Her versatility is her forte. Furthermore, trained to be a teacher, managing people to lead them towards a precise goal is something that comes naturally to her. Finally, the link between those two aspects lies entirely in her deep affection and respect to anything that concerns directly mankind.